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LCEUP is a nonpartisan, nonprofit effort aimed at proactively strengthening Utah Latino Civic Health. We engage, educate, and motivate Hispanic/Latino voters and prospective voters. This project is a collaboration between Conexion Comunidad Hispana (CCH) and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Utah District CCH Councils. The project has components to register, activate, and mobilize Utah’s Latino Electorate. 

We all benefit when all members of our community participate in the civic process. When we do, then our voices are heard. When Utah Latinos are a part of planning, community development, and public policy processes and help drive policy issues that are critical for our community’s well being and vibrancy our entire state becomes stronger.

Utah’s Latino population has grown to Latinos are often simply ignored or assumed to face the same issues as the rest of the population. There is much mistrust of traditional public engagement tools among Latinos. This results in much of the Latino population being left out of planning and public policy processes. As a result, policy makers lack the in-depth evidence of Latino community issues needed for effective public policy.

Become a LULAC Member

As a LULAC member, you will be part of an organization whose members are making a difference through volunteer programs addressing the needs of the Latino community. You will also be part of a nationwide network of community activists who are protecting our civil rights in the areas of immigration, social services, education, health and economic opportunity at the local, state, and national levels.




To date, 60 LULAC Councils in 53 cities across 23 states have developed effective high school drop-out prevention programs in their respective communities. The Ford Driving Dreams Grants program has funded 52 programs, supported the education for more than 1,500 students and served as a convener and facilitator of the growth of LULAC Councils.

In Utah Council 44040 in Provo, Utah is a Ford Driving Dreams Foundation Grantee.

This council’s program is the Teens Act Program that will address the high school dropout rate of the Latino population. In 2012 Utah’s overall dropout rate was about 20% with almost 8,000 dropouts. The school boundaries of Provo High School and Independence high school are particularly at-risk with over 20 students between both of the schools dropping out in 2012. The Teens Act Program operates at Provo High School and Independence High School and hopes to expand to an elementary school to combat the dropout rate early. Students who are recruited usually have a low GPA, low attendance rate, qualify for free or reduced lunch, or would be first in their family to attend college. This program will expose students to college preparation classes, after school mentoring, and parental support programs.

This program will attempt to expand to an elementary school in order to start the high school dropout prevention process earlier. Their partnerships include Brigham Young University, Gear Up/Utah Valley University, and public school administrators that will help provide additional opportunities for students. The Teens Act Program will focus their efforts to those teens who are under-served in their community. The program will not just focus on the dropout rate, but it will also encourage students to strive for higher education. The high quality mentoring that the program provides will help change the students’ lives forever. 

The Washington Youth Leadership Seminar (WYLS) is LNESC’s annual four-day leadership development program that brings together Latino leaders from across the US and Puerto Rico to Washington, DC and immerses them in a specific public policy area. Students undergo leadership training, advocacy training, and peer bonding exercises, resulting in a tightknit group of leaders engaged and energized to make a difference in the Latino community.

WYLS is a life-changing opportunity for Latino high school students in our nation’s most underserved communities to meet first-hand with the country’s most influential decision makers. The seminar includes a Capitol Hill Day whereby the newly trained student advocates meet with Members of Congress and discuss the changes they want to see made for their communities. While in the nation’s Capital, students also work with leaders from corporate America and other public and private institutions to provide input on issues important to the Latino community.






The LULAC Latinos Living Healthy (LLH) initiative is a comprehensive approach designed to reach Latinos across the United States and Puerto Rico to address health disparities in our communities. The three main goals of the initiative are to educate and increase awareness of health issues within the Latino community, distribute information and resources to individuals who otherwise may not have access to them and to engage community partners to create local ambassadors to best impact the needs of every region.

Voces de la Comunidad Council 44047 worked on the HIV Testing and Prevention initiative as part of LULAC's Latinos Living Healthy Program.  They Council partnered with the Utah AIDS Foundation to provide free HIV Screenings to 60 participants.

LULAC Utah is proud to join this group of community advocates to raise awareness about health issues impacting the Latino community. 



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